About Us

AEV Architects is a diverse architectural company headquartered in the Spring Hill sector of Brisbane and specialising in:

  • Value Adding to Properties (40 years)
  • Town Planning & Building Approvals item
  • 3D Architectural Rendering item
  • Low & Highrise Residential
  • Industrial / Commercial
  • Aged Care / Childcare
  • Affordable Housing / NRAS / GLASS
  • Tourism / Resorts
  • Mining / Remote Buildings

The Company is founded on a solid knowledge and understanding of Town Planning, Design, Documentation and Implementation of the Design and Construction.

We can provide a complete package of planning and building consultancy services from inception to completion.


The AEV Architects team has the architectural experience and proven expertise to:

  • Balance management and technical skills with specialist knowledge of individual client needs for maximum efficiency in project delivery and marketability.
  • Produce exciting and well considered Architectural design and solid documentation.
  • Manage and coordinate projects from an integrated design team philosophy.
  • Work closely with clients to meet project requirements and outcomes within a set timeframe and budget.
  • Proactively coordinate with well-established relationships with Councils and other authorities, and with other professional consultants.

Design Objectives

At the centre of the company’s design objectives, is the integration of the ‘human factor’ in creating exciting and effective environments.

Our extensive background and experience in planning, design, construction, project management including coordination of specification services provides professional leadership and a reliable resource in the delivery and completion of major projects with their unique programme and budget requirements.

Project Vision

Emphasis on the Project’s vision along with our design skills have ensured the completion of multi-residential, commercial and retail projects which have set a precedence for both design and utilisation of space.

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Customer Testimonials

John Smith

Working with Alex has always got me further than what I thought possible

Thomas Jones, developer

The work Alex has done for me over 20 years in negotiating with council and achieving results has been outstanding.

Alexy Synko

I always can expect AEV to deliver above and beyond what Council Zoning state. I like them.

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Key Personnel – Architecture

Alex Enborisoff

Senior Architect

  • Alex Enborisoff is the senior registered Architect at AEV
  • He has a long history of Town Planning and Design in Australia and Overseas
  • Alex was born in China (Harbin) of Russian Parents
  • He lives in Australia with 4 children and 10 grandchildren
  • Graduated at Queensland Institute of Technology (now Queensland University of Technology) in 1974
  • Registered as an Architect in 1975
  • His passions are Architecture, Art and Travel
  • You can view more of his Brand Profile at Alex Enborisoff

      Roy Suyatno

      Graduate of Architecture

      • What path brought you to AEV?
      • While I was doing my masters degree at QUT I worked for part time at AEV. The opportunity to be full time came after graduated and I took it
      • I still enjoy it.

          Robert Hellberg

          Graduate of Architecture

          • What path brought you here?
          • I had just graduated with a Masters of Architecture when a position to work at AEV came up. The company profile suited my skills and interests so I applied without hesitation
          • What do you really enjoy?
          • I really enjoy being creative, it’s what makes Architecture interesting

              Cyrus Lam

              Graduate of Architecture

              • What are you most passionate about professionally?
              • Finding a balanced design solution

                  Peter Peng

                  Graduate of Architecture

                  • Peter is the newest Architect team member at AEV


                    Key Personnel – Office & Admin

                      Kate Van Hout

                      Office Admin

                      • When did you join the AEV team?
                      • I started working for Alex before I was a teenager – I have been here ever since
                      • Kate knows everything about everything that is going on

                        Craig Jorgensen

                        Business and IT Manager

                        • When did you join the AEV team?
                        • I joined many years ago and have been here ever since